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About Weizhen

Weizhen Recruiters is a company that focuses on remote work. Our headquarters are in Malaysia. No one has to work or live in a certain place because the company gives all of its employees this freedom. We care a lot about our employees, and we’ll keep working hard to make sure they’re a diverse and creative group.

For us, recruitment is an essential part of our DNA. Online recruiting and technology have been a part of our team for many years. Inspire us every day with our objective to help people find great jobs by connecting them with each other better.

Talent Recruiter

Overcoming Recruiting Obstacles

Weizhen Recruiters helps businesses solve today’s tough hiring problems by giving them access to a network of thousands of professional recruiters, cutting-edge AI sourcing software, and recruitment marketing automation.

Contributing to Diversity

We are successful when we assist people in connecting with opportunities and when we assist our employer customers in the implementation of diversity and inclusion programmes.

Having Faith in Others

Weizhen Recruiters creates new technologies with the intention of fostering connections between working professionals and improving the experiences of all employees in the workplace.


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It might be a game changer to find the ideal people for your company. Operational efficiency relies heavily on finding the right people to fill your open positions.

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